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ARTOLITE is one of the trademark for lighting luminaire in Indonesia, which become a pioneer of local luminaire manufacture since 1976

We are actively involved in a large number of property projects and a growing office buildings in Indonesia

Experience in the manufacture for more than 35 years have made us always give the main satisfaction for our customers
Because of them we continue survived until now

ARTOLITE's achieved so far is also the result of cooperation, a solid team and good cooperation staff and top management

Along with these development, the projects that we handle expanded.  This is also supported by increasing production capacity of our factory, located in Cimanggis industry

With the number of employees +/- 400 people, consisting of the experts and technicians more than 35 people who experienced in theirs fields, our products are always tested for the best result

Factory area of +/- 20.000 m2 with warehouse (goods) capacity reached +/- 6500 m2, provide assurance that our production capacity will never lack

Our factory has also been concerned about environmental, we have a rigorous process in industrial waste water treatment.  Waste from our factory was safe for the environment

In 1987, PT. Abetama Sempurna established as a sole distributor for marketing Artolite products in some urban areas - big cities in Indonesia

So, with the existence of the showrooms all over Indonesia, our products can easily accessible by the public.

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